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AA -S (n) /ɑ.ɑ/ kind of lava (Hawai’ian)

AB -S (n) abdominal muscle

AD -S (n) advertisement

AE (number) one

AG -S (n) agriculture

AH, AAH, -S, -ED, -ING (v) to exclaim ah

AI -S (n) kind of sloth

AL -S (n) kind of tree

AM (v) be

AN (determiner) a certain one

AR -S (n) the letter r

AS (preposition)

AT (preposition)

AW (interjection) That’s cute.

AX (v) -ES, -ED, -ING, AXE use an axe

AY -S, AYE -S (n) /ɑɪ/ vote of yes

BA -S (n) the soul (Egyptian)

BE (v) copular verb

BI -S (n) bisexual

BO -S (n) friend

BY -S, (n) pass, BYE -S (n) side issue

DE of, from (in names)

DO (n) -S kind of note, (v) -ES, -EST, -ST, -ETH, -TH default verb

ED -S education

EF -S, EFF -S the letter f

EH (interjection) Isn’t it?

EL -S elevated train

EM -S the letter m

EN -S the letter n

ER, UH, UM (interjection) I’m thinking.

ES -ES, ESS, -ES the letter s

ET (v) ate

EX (v) -ES, -ED, -ING to cross out

FA -S kind of note

GO (n) -S Japanese game, (v) -ES, -ING, GWINE, -NE going

HA -S (n) an exclamation of ha

HE -S (n) a male

HI (interjection) Hello!

HM, HMM (interjection) I’m thinking.

HO (interjection) Give me your attention.

ID -S (n) part of the psyche

IF -S (n) possibility

IN (v) -S, -NED, -NING to harvest

IS (v)

IT -S (pronoun)

JO (n) -ES sweetheart

KA -S the spiritual self (Egyptian)

KI -S see QI

LA -S (n) kind of note

LI -S (n) unit of distance (Chinese)

LO (interjection) Behold!

MA -S mother

ME (pronoun)

MI -S kind of note

MM (interjection) Yummy!

MO -S moment

MU -S Greek letter

MY (pronoun)

NA, NAE, NAH no, not

NE born with the name of

NO -S, -ES (n) a negative reply

NU -S Greek letter

OD -S force of natural power

OE -S whirlwind (Faeroese)

OF (preposition)

OH, OOH -S, -ED, -ING to exclaim oh

OI, OY (interjection) Give me your attention!

OM -S kind of mantra (Sanskrit)

ON -S the on side of a wicket (cricket)

OP -S optical art

OR -S gold in heraldry (French)

OS (n) ORA orifice (Latin)

OS (n) OSSA bone (Latin)

OS (n) OSE, OSES, OSAR (Swedish), ESKER -S, ESKAR -S (Irish) ridge of sand and gravel

OW (interjection) This hurts!

OX (n) -EN kind of mammal, (n) -ES clumsy person

OY, OI (interjection) Give me your attention!

PA -S father

PE -S Hebrew letter

PI -S Greek letter, -ES, -ED, -ING, -EING to jumble

QI -S /tʃi/ life force (Chinese)

RE -S kind of note

SH, SHA (interjection) Be quiet!

SI -S see TI

SO -S, SOL -S kind of note

TA (interjection) Thank you.

TI -S, SI -S kind of note

TO (preposition)

UH, UM, ER (interjection) I’m thinking.

UM, UH, ER (interjection) I’m thinking.

UN -S (n) one

UP -S, -PED, -PING raise

US (pronoun)

UT -S, DO -S kind of note

WE (pronoun)

WO -S woe

XI -S /ksi, zi, zɑɪ/ Greek letter

XU /su/ former coin of Vietnam (Vietnamese)

YA, YE (pronoun) you

YE, YA (pronoun) you

YO (interjection) Give me your attention!

ZA -S pizza

updated 19 August 2013